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The Giraffes - Pretty in Puke E.P. (CD)


The Giraffes - Pretty in Puke E.P. (CD)


Pretty In Puke is the fifth recording and third EP by The Giraffes. Recorded and mixed at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY by Joel Hamilton, it contains four new songs and a new recording of "I'll Be Your Daddy" which had previously appeared on the EP Helping You Help Yourself in a different version.

Track listing

All songs written by The Giraffes

  1. "This Is Sickness" – 2:33

  2. "Twin Girls" – 3:43

  3. "Tournequet" – 4:35

  4. "Pisda Mati" – 3:38

  5. "I'll Be Your Daddy" – 3:59

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